Why would YOU ever give up Macedonia?

The other week I wrote that if you are a parent or a grandparent, would you want to tell your child or children, or your grandchild or grandchildren that they are no longer Macedonian? Would you want to tell them that it’s all been a lie, that they were never Macedonian? If the Macedonian government gives in to Greek demands, that might become a very real possibility. Are YOU willing to give up on the Macedonian identity of your child or grandchild? The same applies to everyone who has some responsibility for the future, meaning the young, the youth of today, and even those not yet born. If you are an aunt, uncle, cousin, older brother or older sister, a great-grandparent, any distant relative, why would YOU ever give up Macedonia and tell both yourself and those younger than you that both you, and they, are no longer Macedonian?

We see voices speaking up saying “We must give up Macedonia’s name and identity because we must be in the EU and NATO and both will bring us prosperity.” Two questions: first, assuming that EU and NATO will definitely, and without any question, bring prosperity (setting aside the question of when), are you willing to give up your name, identity, and inheritance? Second, why would you assume the EU and NATO membership will bring about prosperity? Is that true? If that’s true, why did a majority of the British vote to leave the EU? Why are the populations of so many EU countries so dissatisfied with the EU? Why are Bulgaria and Romania, the EU’s newest members, still poor and why are their citizens still trying to leave their own countries?

Are there other ways to achieve success? And how to you define success in this life? If you define success by having lots of money, then my advice to you is to take a second and then third look at your priorities in life. Of course Macedonians have legitimate concerns about the economy, quality of life, and the basics — like having a decent job. But again, are there ways to achieve that while still keeping your name, your identity, and your inheritance intact? Isn’t this a conversation worth having before you give up your name?

Short term thinking, like that recently exhibited by Saso Ordanovski, Radmila Sekerinska, and Stevo Pendarovski, will lead you to oblivion because over time, your very nature and identity as Macedonians will change into something that it is not today. Your identity will fade away, quickly or more subtly. But fade away it will. People like the above either don’t think about these things, or they don’t care. Do you know why these individuals — and many like them — are so interested in changing the name and identity? Is it because they are feted and get to meet and be photographed with high US, EU, and NATO officials in Macedonia and around the world? Is it because they fly around the world, stay in first class hotels, eat excellent food and drink fine wines because they enthusiastically repeat the line that a name and identity change for Macedonia is necessary? Is it because they draw their salaries from international NGOs and other foreign governments?

Members of the self-professed intelligentsia in Macedonia believe, such as NGO activist Andreja Stojkovski who recently tweeted “#Nationalism is food for those that hunger for reason.” He would be very happy changing Macedonia’s name and identity and yet he makes a fundamental mistake: Those he snidely dismisses as “nationalists” are in actuality, patriots. But he makes another major mistake in using that word — nationalist — to begin with. This is a debate I have been following for years now and the truth is that the word “nationalist” now means whatever you don’t like. It is the same as saying “fascist” or “Hitler” — everything you don’t like and disagree with. It’s childish. So a question, of course, arises: why does the self-appointed intelligentsia in Macedonia look down at patriots who simply want to hold on to what they have inherited from their parents and grandparents, and those who now rest peacefully, namely, their name and identity? What gives this very few in number and very smug in attitude in Macedonia the right to give away Macedonia’s name, identity, and inheritance? If you love your name, identity, and inheritance, will YOU allow them to do this? Looking at this a different way, if you love your country, name, identity, and inheritance, does this make you a “nationalist?” So what? Andreja — and people like him who do not believe in the importance of names or identities — want you to feel inferior for standing up for and believing in and loving your country, name, identity, and inheritance. Will you allow Andreja — and people like him — to get away with this?

One final thought to those Macedonians who believe that nothing can be done, better to give up and give in, best to accept your fate. This may be a sincere thought, but it is both sincerely wrong, and very foolish. Is the future pre-determined? Has the history of the future been written or even lived? Aren’t there a multiple possibilities? If you value your name, your identity, your culture, you Church, and much more, and if you want your inheritance as Macedonians to be handed down to generations not yet born, then my suggestion to you is that you buck up, start fighting, push back, and do whatever you can, given the skills and talents that God has given you, to fight for all that is Macedonian and all that is Macedonia. I promise you I’ll fight alongside with you and for you.

Proud American & Arizonan w/Hungarian ethnicity & passion for Macedonia, Hungary & Estonia. Traveler, PR man, history buff & wine, craft beer & cigar enthusiast