“North Macedonian” foreign minister….

The “North Macedonians”

Note: This is a list of examples of media, and others, using the term “North Macedonians” or a variation thereof, as the identity of the Macedonian people, which is wrong. In many instances, these examples show how the media, and others, are using the term, wrongly, to describe other aspects of Macedonia such as the capital, government, food, coinage, culture, and even air space. I will update this periodically. This list is not exhaustive — it consists merely of examples I have found in my daily perusal of the news. Updated September 21, 2021 (most recent, first)

The Republic of Macedonia at 30 — it’s about honor

Happy Independence Day, Macedonia!

While very old as a nation and as a people, you’ve just turned 30 years young as a modern-day nation-state. Congratulations!

I’ve been with you for 25 of those 30 years, following you, living with you, cheering you on, supporting and encouraging you. Why? Because way back in 1996 when I first arrived in Macedonia, Macedonians opened their homes and hearts to me and I fell in love with Macedonia and the Macedonians.

Today, I want to talk about honor, but first, I think it is…

Macedonia’s membership in NATO

American Express, the American financial services corporation, at one point had a slogan it used in its advertising: “Membership has its privileges,” implying that with an American Express credit card, users would reap all kinds of good things.

Macedonia, now a proud member of NATO, gets a number of privileges that come with that membership — as well as responsibilities. One of those is taking in refugees from Afghanistan for the simple reason that the Macedonian Army, for years, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with NATO troops in Afghanistan, working with local Afghans, in the nation-building project that was…

The Ohrid Framework Agreement at 20

Artan Grubi — a man plucked from the ranks of football hooligans and groomed for his current powerful position in the Macedonian Government — calls it the “Ohrid Peace Agreement.” He knows full-well the official name and yet deliberately refers to it as something else for purposes of his own political public relations.

Or take Ziadin Sela, for example. One needs only look at his twitter feed to understand that he is a bit bigoted. He never notes anything about Macedonians — or any other ethnic groups in Macedonia — and only lauds praise…

This is our home

On a recent drive to my office one morning, I found myself listening to the Norwegian band a-ha and their 2017 MTV Unplugged album. They started that album and concert with a new song — “This is our home.” Here are the opening lyrics:

It matters what you do
It matters what you say
It matters that you lead the way

It matters what you think
It matters what you know
There’s no other place to go

For this is our home
This is our home
This is where we belong

Poignant, all of it.


Some thoughts on the Book of James (Pardew)

“The United States created the NLA and Kosovo. You created Ali Ahmeti. The United States is destroying my country.”

-Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski to American diplomat James Pardew from Pardew’s book, “Peacemakers: American Leadership and the End of Genocide in the Balkans” (2018, The University Press of Kentucky)

I have just finished reading this book by James Pardew, the recently deceased American diplomat who spent several months in Macedonia in 2001 working on behalf of the State Department and White House during Ali Ahmeti’s war on Macedonia, and the events leading up…

Malicious or mistake?

Deliberate and repeated attempts to change Macedonian identity

When I go to a restaurant, the grocery store, the hardware store, or any other place where the employees wear name tags, or tell me their name, I always try to use their name in my communications with them. Why? Because people are very attached to their names and appreciate it when others recognize and acknowledge their names. And because it is the decent and right thing to do.

The same thing applies to other names we identify with, such as that of our countries. I don’t need to…

One of the costs of the agreement — Macedonians are now “North Macedonians”

10 points on Prespa three years later

The so-called “Prespa agreement” was signed on June 17, 2018, by the-then prime ministers of Macedonia and Greece, Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipris. It was hailed as a “historic agreement” by the ruling parties in Macedonia and Greece, along with their cheerleaders and fanboys among the Western elites in the international community. Three years on, I think it is worth taking a look at an agreement that was not accepted by the majority of Macedonians, the people most affected, and negatively so, by the agreement.

One: the continuation of Macedonia, as a republic…

A sign of late empire

“Threatening the peace” — what the Biden Executive Order means

First, consider the following:

US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi: “If the UK violates its international agreements and Brexit undermines the Good Friday accord, there will be absolutely no chance of a UK-US free trade agreement passing the Congress.”

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: “the road to Irish unity” is “now more within reach today than at any time…I wish you the best in your critical efforts to build support for a truly united Ireland.”

Say what?

Apparently, the Biden White House, the…

The Prespa Forum Dialogue — a jobs program for the “colorful revolutionaries”

Here’s something “new” — the so-called “Prespa Forum Dialogue” (PFD) which “is a platform created by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to enable countries, leaders, organizations, and citizens to build long-term relationships and strengthen partnerships,” according to its website.

Their tag line? “Bridge to a Common Future.” Of course.

Well, Macedonia, and the region, certainly does not have enough groups like this!

The PFD will hold a gabfest July 1 and 2 at Lake Prespa and in Ohrid. The group has invited (and says it…

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Proud American & Arizonan w/Hungarian ethnicity & passion for Macedonia, Hungary & Estonia. Traveler, PR man, history buff & wine, craft beer & cigar enthusiast

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